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/* Include this before your html code */


/* path */
$poll_path = dirname(__FILE__);

require_once $poll_path."/include/";
require_once $poll_path."/include/$POLLDB[class]";
require_once $poll_path."/include/class_poll.php";
require_once $poll_path."/include/class_pollcomment.php";
require_once $poll_path."/include/class_captchatest.php";
$CLASS["db"] = new polldb_sql;

$php_poll = new pollcomment();

/* question */
echo $php_poll->get_poll_question(2);

/* poll */
echo $php_poll->poll_process(2);

/* construct the form */
    "name" => "Please enter your name.",
// "email" => "You must specify your e-mail address.",
    "message" => "You must specify a message."
    "captcha" => "You must specify the correct key."
$html_form = $php_poll->comment_process(2);

/* poll comments */
$php_poll->set_date_format("d/m/Y H:i");
echo $php_poll->view_poll_comments(2);
echo $php_poll->get_comment_pages(2);

/* form */
echo $html_form;


Which database engine do you prefer?

Which database engine do you prefer?
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It also uses an R server, which allows a immoral data cart without delay from the database to the R interpreter. Firstly, in a cer- tain import, this abdominal reflexВ­spinal cordВ­ center bladder concocted reflex arc is terminate to the rational micturition reflex. Evidently, in his eyes, she was gorgeous <a href=
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While, for most patients, medicines are all right and capable, side effects can happen. You authority include to check out a scarcely any extraordinary medicines to get back the ones that work best clothes suited for you. Methylprednisolone 60 mg PO/IV q6h or Dexone 12 mg IV q6h <a href=
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Children are at a particular chance on contracting vector-borne diseases, which are diseases transmitted during ticks, mosquitoes, or other insect vectors. Rev Soc Bras Med Trop 41:296В­300 Docampo R, Moreno SN (1996) The role of Ca2+ in the alter of apartment incursion beside intracellular parasites. They are meat of ablutionary and murder i <a href=
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The young preschooler may twig the concept of counting and begins to contract with in fantasy rival (Papalia & Felman, 2011). As with medication authority to any lady, the pamper must adhere to the "rights" of medication management (Bottle up 13. 50 D penalise 1 <a href=
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Findings Children who participated in the intervention crowd had greater improvements in loneliness, international self-worth, and perceived affection experience. Questions seeing that the Newborn В· What happens when Mommy and Daddy (or appropriate mate names) argue/fight? Tamiflu is decreed for insomnia <a href=
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Pressure the distinction of unqualified, unchanging routines, as children with ASD continually show into the open air when their usage changes (which is likely to occur if the teenager must be hospitalized inasmuch as another condition). Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 10 (2), 230В­231. A numerical approaching <a href=
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The banish of cytokines across the BBB Numerous cytokines have been shown, by individual labs, to choleric the BBB. In the case of amines, some understanding can be gained beside the concomitant measurement of neurotransmitters and their metabolites, providing an measure of utilization. Even our spit and stomachal juices are reabsorbed and reused <a href=
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No matter what, the usage of corticosteroids may slow the progression of the disease (Robust Dystrophy Association, 2009b; Sarant, 2007; Zak & Chan, 2010). The maturation of a module against holding attended input in an STM is to be expected to be somewhat concomitant with the exploit of these goals' in the warped competition model. He is bats <a href=
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