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Messages posted by: cdnmama
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sussi wrote:where do I change the size? (In what file?) the size of the logo are width=234 px and the height=60 px

Hi....if I could jump in here, I might be able to help

Open templates/body.php and on about line 4 you should see

Change it to

Your logo should now be the correct size....good luck

mary007 wrote:You are right Deb, thank you! I even checked SQL table but didn't notice that there is separate one for private messages!

You are very welcome, glad to help! Same thing happened to me too until someone pointed me in the right direction

mary007 wrote:But I’ve just received e-mail notification about someone’s new guestbook entry that did NOT appear in the guestbook!?! I checked my Web site log – there is evidence that Web site visitor did sign the guestbook but there is no entry in the guestbook.

Any ideas what could happen / could be the problem?

Maybe the entry is a Private Messages and you'll have to login to Admin to see it.

Carbonize wrote:In addentry.php it should say

or atleast a variable that contains the word SUKEN.

Thanks....Carbonize to the rescue again! I missed both spots in addentry.php I'm able to add entries again

Carbonize wrote:BTW why two style sections? Why not just put it all in the one style block?

I don't know didn't realize it could be added somewhere other than header.php. After looking further, I assume you are talking about adding another style to admin/panel_style.php?

Hello....I installed the adv. guestbook for a client earlier today and spent an hour changing colours and adding the mods for anti-spam and IP logging instead of the host name. Then I edited....

- templates/header.php to add scroll bar colour
- templates/body.php file to remove the signing.gif and add a link to index.html
- templates/footer.php to change the gray text
- lang/english.php to change the text under the date and time

At some point, I was able to sign the book, now I can't. Now test entries bounce back to the addentry.php page whether I use 'preview' or 'submit'. Before I remove the mods and changes I added today, any ideas what could have caused this? Here is the guestbook url http://www.primrosecottagecrafts.com/guestbook/

Thanks for looking

Thanks Carbonize for clearing that up and that's great it's blocked so many spam attempts

That's okay too for taking awhile....I was waiting very patiently

I installed a new guestbook today using cPanel and now I'm adding fixes and mods.

In the addentry.php and index.php files, you say to replace this line.... if (isset($_POST["gb_action"])) {

I don't have that line exactly, but I do have this one.... if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["gb_action"])) {

would it be best to replace it as you suggested.... if (isset($_POST["gb_actionWORD"])) {

or should I use.... if (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["gb_actionWORD"])) { ....instead? or maybe it wouldn't matter?

Thanks for all the work you do Carbonize

Thanks for the replies....the book that is erroring, is on a different server than the others. I think the server is the problem now, as I can't login into phpMyAdmin. I'm getting an error there too. Time to fire off an email to support

thanks again
Hello....I was adding the mod for 'logging the IP rather than the hostname' on the guestbooks I maintain. I got to guestbook number 4, edited the add.class.php file and uploaded it. I then opened the guestbook in my browser and I got this error.....

Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/***/public_html/guestbook/lib/mysql.class.php on line 30

Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/***/public_html/guestbook/lib/mysql.class.php on line 30
Connection Error

I didn't have a problem with the first 3 books so I wonder if this is a server problem instead of from editing the add.class.php file? I haven't looked at that guestbook for awhile. The server is using PHP Version : 4.1.1

Any ideas? Thanks for any help

Carbonize wrote:I didn't turn on email notification and when I finally checked it a year after installation I had a few. You can turn it off by removing the check box from the form.php template. I have actually made this an option in the updated version I am working on.

You are the guestbook wizard!
Carbonize wrote:1 - Edit the template form.php and change the maxlength in

Thank you

Carbonize wrote:2 - Check your private messages.

Thought I had that turned off, realize now it can't be through admin.

Hello....I've been unable to find a solution to this problem. I find if someone leaves their website url when signing the advanced guestbook, it cuts off after 45 or 46 characters. No more can be added. Does anyone know what file to edit to change to a higher number?

Something else that happens occasionally and I thought I would mention it now. When someone signs my guestbooks, I get the email notification. When I go to the guestbook, their entry is no where to be found. It doesn't happen every time, just once in awhile. Does this happen to anyone else?

Thanks for the help

To my knowledge, AG doesn't have a entry verification script/process, does it?

Now that would be a great option to have with this guestbook I'm guessing that would be a harder feature to add

Carbonize wrote:You checked that the image verification is working correctly? Try a test entry with th ewrong characters or none at all.

Hi Carbonize....the image verification is working when I test it. I've had it on all my books since July. The 'spam' has slowed down quite a bit since then

I've been using the image verification to help stop all the spamming going on with my guestbooks for weeks now. It hasn't stopped all of it, but it sure does help, thanks to Carbonize! I still get spam in my guestbook, it's obvious spam to me when they sign both the guestbooks I have on separate sites, with the same info. I even have on top of my guestbook this text....
"Please, no invitations to online groups or business websites."
Obviously some people don't see that part

This is the sort of spam I get that I thought for sure came from a bot, but I'm guessing they are actually taking time to sign the books themselves? Both of these entries came 5 minutes apart, from the same person in the same guestbook....

Host: m320-mp1.cvx5-a.bre.dial.ntli.net (IP London, England)
URL: http://www.imobiliare-vittorio.ro
one of the best

URL: http://www.discounthotel-worldwide.com
cool site guys

I'd love to stop these guys from signing my books with their business atspace.com websites! There are others I haven't listed.

Laslo Alter
e-mail laslo_alt@livemail.com
URL: http://home-business.atspace.com/
Location: Budapest
Host: www.optosat.hu
Greetings! I like this site. It's very beautiful. Keep your job. Best wishes.

URL: http://yorkshire-terrier.atspace.com/
Host: localhost
This is a beautiful website! I like all the colors and how easy it is to move from each page. Thanks!

Now today I get these 2 identical entries in separate guestbooks a few hours apart.

URL: http://chrysler.yoll.net/
Host: client-207-68-79-5.centuryaluminumwv.com
(this domain name doesn't even exist, so no IP can be found)
Hi, nice site - I like it. May be you interesting to exchange links with my. Thanks

URL: http://chrysler.yoll.net/
Hi, nice site - I like it. May be you interesting to exchange links with my. Thanks

I just thought I'd post here to see if this is happening to others as well. I guess there is nothing we can do to stop these people. Blocking some IP's might work, but I don't think it's that effective actually. I've been seeing more and more 'localhost' host names, any ideas what this means?

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