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Messages posted by: cdnmama
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Hi Robin....you would need to enter the IP number under General Settings > IP Number Ban List in the admin area of your guestbook. I have quite a few IP's listed there now trying to block spammers. To look up a host name like d51530e30.kabel.telenet.be, try here http://www.all-nettools.com/toolbox under NsLookup.

Looks like a Russian IP to me. Have you tried using Carbonize's image verification? Works great to cut down on spammers

Hi.....yes I do.....I've added you to my contact list
Nope, tab will not work...it only goes so far then goes back to the url for the guestbook.

This is part of what I see....

I only see part of my entry and nothing below it...mmmm

Well.....I had a feeling I'd see a ROFLMAO from someone

Using tab did not work, I get as far as the "Next Page" link and it goes back to the Address for the book at the top. I see part of the last entry I made, but it's cut off. The area where you'd see edit and delete are black.

I was looking around in phpMyAdmin but can't see where I'd edit anything there. Any other ideas? Thanks....

Carbonize wrote:The guestbook doesn't allow javascript to be posted regardless of if you are allowing HTML or not. They add the javascript by accessing your admin panel and editting an existing entry.

I had someone post a javascript redirection code that lead to a porn site a long time ago. Just turned off javascript in the browser to get rid of it. At the time I thought it was because html was turned on. I was surprised when you said the book doesn't allow javascript to be posted. I've always used 2.3.1

I was doing some experimenting and now I've messed something up with my book I was testing a javascript redirection and you're right, it doesn't work but now I can't remove the entry in 'easy admin'. I can't see the delete button....any ideas what I can do now?

I'm kicking myself now
Dan_Sitar wrote:Thanks a lot. After quite some work, have a look at what it came out to...


You're welcome, glad you got it looking the way you want....looks good

Hi Phil...I was wondering the same thing too about the footer file, can't help you there. I ignored the footer part in the readme and got the image verification working. But I think I can help with the lines you are looking for....they are in the add.class.php file, not the addentry.php

function form_addguest() {

starts on about line 295

function preview_entry() {
global $GB_PG;

starts on about line 330

Hope that helps a bit

Thanks.....I've sent you the verify.php to the email address on your website

Thanks Carbonize for explaining....makes more sense now

I've followed the readme file and have the image verification in place now, but I've run into a problem. There are only 7 characters shown, you can't see the 8th one, it shows blank.

I also noticed the characters did not change when I refresh the addentry page as well. I saw it did that in your book Carbonize.

I did change the 8 character numbers again from step 1 in the readme file, but still only 7 characters appear and it won't change when I refresh the page.

Do you have any ideas what I could have done wrong? Here is my addentry page....

I thought you would want to know that there is a typo in the readme file for #3 - Open addentry.php. Verification is spelled wrong twice

Thanks for any help

JTD wrote:Well I guess one could be written for that. But to be able to use the robots.txt file to prevent it you would have to know what its name was.

It was my understanding that using User-agent: * was telling all bots to stay out of whatever folder you designate
JTD wrote:robot.txt only works on bots. doesnt affect spammers at all.

isn't it the bots that leave the same spam in many different guestbooks?

Thanks Carbonize for the verification script! I took a look at your guestbook to see it in action...looks great. I've been using the robots.txt for almost 3 weeks now to try to block the bots from my guestbook folder. I've had a few known spammers post since then. I'm not clear on how bots actually work though. Are they sent out to just post once? or does the bot return with info where the books are and sent to post again and again?

I just got back from a week away, so I hope to give your script a try over the next day or two. Thanks for sharing it

Hi Dan.....if you want to have a background image, you would edit the header.php file in the templates directory. Find this line at the bottom....

<body bgcolor="$VARS[pbgcolor]" link="$VARS[link_color]" vlink="$VARS[link_color]">

change it to something like this....

<body bgcolor="$VARS[pbgcolor]" link="$VARS[link_color]" vlink="$VARS[link_color]" background="/guestbook/img/background.jpg">

Edit the background=" " as you require it.

To change the top header graphic, you would edit the body.php file in the templates directory. Find this line towards the top....
<td width="56%"><img src="$GB_PG[base_url]/img/gbook.gif" width="140" height="15">

Edit the img src=" " as you require it....hope that helps

You asked about the source code for those links that people like to leave sometimes. I don't have a copy of it anymore but I think it was just a basic javascript redirection code...
META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=porn link here"

I haven't had a post like that in awhile....yay! Hope I don't while I'm on holidays this summer

I thought I would share an example of the type of posts I receive in my guestbooks because this one is the strangest ones so far. This poster left a message in 2 of my books today, 4 minutes apart. I've never seen someone ask to have their message removed

Floor mats. Remove my mesage pls

and of course they left their floormat website link. The IP tracks back to the Hilton Hotel in the Bronx, New York City

You're welcome Trevor

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