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Messages posted by: lloyd_borrett
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Sorry, but it's not quite that simple.

The files I've made available are EXACTLY what I'm running. So you'd need to take out the changes I made to a few of the files so that my web site page template was being used.

You would also need to add some fields to two of the database tables.

I think most of what you need to know is covered in the readme file I added.

Best Regards, Lloyd.
G'day Carbonize,

That's is just what I wanted. I just new it would be a simple change.
Many thanks, mate.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

I haven't touched a thing.

I suspect you might have been on the right track about error handling. Maybe something you entered was causing it to go back to addentry as part of the error handling.

I'll take a look at what that might be sometime.

Regards, Lloyd.
Strange. I'm IE 6 on Win XP with Google Toolbar.

And you seem to be the only one generating duplicate entries.

My recent test entry, just after your first duplicated one, worked just fine.

Maybe it has something to do with the fields you entered.
What browser are you using?

It's working fine for me with IE 6.

I find it annoying that when I exit Advanced Guestbook admin mode, I get the admin logon screen rather than being taken back to the guestbook.

As I've just exited admin mode, there is almost no chance that I want to go back in. Thus I need to click and wait to get to the page where I want to be.

I know this is just SO trivial. But it would be a nice change to include in the next version.

Has anyone made this change as a mod already? I haven't as yet looked at the code to see how it might be done.

Best Regards, Lloyd.
Neither of those things seem to be happening on my live implementation or my local test implementation.

On submit, I get the thank you page and then back to the guestbook. As should happen. Even if you preview and then submit, that same sequence still happens.

So I'm not sure as to why you would be getting something different.

I can see how the text input box thing could be a result of me having a CSS file that some style settings might be coming from, and you're not getting the same style settings. I didn't make sure all style settings were local to advanced guestbook. Some could be coming from my global site CSS file.

Sorry, but I'm unlikely to get around to doing that.

Unfortunately I started my mods to Advanced Guestbook with the style changes. Thus by the time I got around to adding in Yahoo, MSNM and the country flag fields, my code and template files were somewhat different from the "standard" version.

If it had have been the other way around, I would have a version with just the additional fields to pass on. But I don't.

I guess if there are some new features in a future version of Advanced Guestbook that I want to implement, I would then tackle the upgrade process in a way to make my changes available in an incremental fashion. And I'd probably make my changes configurable options as well.

But right now, the only thing that might cause me to revisit the code is to implement the human verification process, should not having that in place be a problem with my guestbook.

So I'm afraid it's all or nothing for now.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

Before installing Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1 to run on my web site at
http://www.borrett.id.au/guestbook, I set about making some changes to enable Advanced Guestbook to better suit my requirements.

First, I changed the layout and style of Advanced Guestbook to look similar to that used in the phpBB subSilver theme I was already using in the forums on my web site.

I then modified the Gender field to have a 'not specified' option.

Next I added fields for Yahoo and MSNM, plus an extensive collection of Smilies.

Finally, I added a Country field that displays the flag image of the selected country. (That's been a very popular option with my users.)

Others in these forums helped with specific problems I struck along the way, and in the modification information they had posted in earlier topics.

Thus, in this spirit of co-operation, I am making ALL of my modifications to Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1 available for downloading as a 605 Kb ZIP file at http://www.borrett.id.au/downloads/adv_guestbook_2-3-1_lrb_mods.zip.

In the ZIP you will find the file lrb_readme.txt, being an explanation of the modifications I have made. Please read that before you do anything with these modifications.

Please enjoy.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

I have just made ALL of my modifications to Advanced Guestbook 2.3.1 available for downloading as a 605 Kb ZIP file at http://www.borrett.id.au/downloads/adv_guestbook_2-3-1_lrb_mods.zip.

In the ZIP you will find the file lrb_readme.txt, being an explanation of the modifications I have made.

Please enjoy.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

I've just implemented a modification to Advanced Guestbook so that the user is asked for their country, and if specified, the country name and country flag are displayed in the guestbook.

Please feel free to check it out at http://www.borrett.id.au/guestbook.

Sometime next week I will finish writing up the changes I've made, package it ALL up, and make the whole thing available for anyone to download.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

I had found that version of PHP Links also, but short of downloading and running it, I couldn't determine if it was the same one. So I thought I'd try and ask the person that should know, namely the web master of this site.

My Blog is just an Advanced Blogger Blog, but with quite a bit of customisation by me. I didn't have access to scripting and databases at the time I setup my Blog. If I was starting out today to do a blog, I'd probably look carefully at PHP/MySQL based self-contained solutions.

I've recently written an aticle for Melbourne PC User Group members on how to setup a blog / home page using Blogger. The article sticks to the basics, and doesn't go into the extras, additions and customisation I've made to my Blogger based blog. The article should be published in the first week of August 2004. You should be able to find the article online at www.melbpc.org.au shorty thereafter.

Best Regards, Lloyd.

The steps to add support for Yahoo and MSNM are covered in other topics within this forum. I deviated quite a bit from that script as I made those additions so that the new fields were implemented in a manner closer to how the existing ICQ and AOL fields were done, than just the standard add an extra field.

I'm currently planning to add another field to the Advanced Guestbook database, with supporting code and template changes, so that I can ask people to enter their country and then display the matching flag.

Once I get that working, I will create a download file of my phpBB subSilver look version of Advanced Guestbook for those of you interested.

Note: This won't be a you beaut version as would be required for these mods to become a configurable part of a future version of Advanced Guestbook. I haven't changed and of the Admin questions to make things like the added Yahoo and MSNM fields admin optional. I've made simple fixed changes to code in many places where others would desire to have configuration driven changes so that they could still run the "standard" version of Advanced Guestbook, or my changed layout version.

I have gone live with the Advanced Guestbook based Fraternity Register on my web site. I've yet to come up with a way to easily imports 2200+ Bravenet Guestbook entries into Advanced Guestbook though.

Best Regards, Lloyd.
G'day there,

The "Web Links" section of this web site reports that it is powered by phpLinks. This seems to be a different solution than the "Free Link Page 1.2" script available here.

Does anybody know where I can get the latest version of phpLinks? The link on this web site is to a page that seems to no longer exist.

Best Regards, Lloyd.
G'day Trevor,

Many thanks for your kind words. I've just updated my guestbook test site with a version that supports the addition of Yahoo and MSN. I haven't fully tested those new features yet, but it seems to be working okay.

To get the same page headers into Advanced Guestbook as you havve on the rest of your web site, you'll need to edit the header.php and success.php template files. Just make the beginning of those files nearly the same as the rest of the pages on your web site.

In my case I had to create a custom set of data for the DHTML Menu and those header sections, so that all my links and refences to images elsewhere on my site were of the form "http://www.borrett.id.au/...."
Using relative links as I do on the rest of my site's pages wouldn't work.

You also need to put anything you need to match it from the end of your pages into the footer.php template file, with similar URL changes if necessary.

If you do a "View Source" while looking at my guestbook you should soon get the idea.

Good luck with it Trevor.

Best Regards, Lloyd.
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