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Messages posted by: The Critic
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Zach wrote:I've known Amber for a while now, and calling her "wise ass" is completely offensive and ridiculous. I created & run a large reptile website (blue tongue skinks.net), and had several problems with guestbook hacking. She offered to re-design the hacked section, and even spent several hours on the phone with me free of charge. She of course never asked for a cent, that's just the kind of person she is, so naturally when a bone head comes along and calls her names like a sissy safe behind his keyboard, it tends to anger me a little. I'm in debt to her, and will always offer my web design services free of charge to her; Simply because of her willingness to help and not expecting anything in return.

On a lighter note (and other than this thread) I'm enjoying learning all the info on the forum! Thanks!

Just to let you all get your shorts in a bundle The statements about being a wise ass and charging were originally directed at jtd not at amber.
Amber quoted a snipette of the statement that I made which made it look as thought I was speaking about her when I was making a general statement about folks that cop an attitude. Once again it shows how folks jump on a bandwagon that is clearly careening down the hill side rofl.

enjoy yourselves

Pappy says " Never argue with those less intelligent than your self, you can't learn anything and they'll never get the point as they are to self absorbed to objectively look and listen! Therefore they will remain in their feeble mental state and never experience growth!"

Taking Pappys advice, no longer watching this inate thread

Warmest regards
Carbonize wrote:
I think you are asking really stupid questions and are not even trying then you will see me in a pissy mood.

Actually I just reread it and it's down to my typing to fast as usual (thats ADD for you). It should of said
IF I think you are asking really stupid questions and are not even trying then you will see me in a pissy mood

Yes I had assumed that was what you meant to type ( isn't ADD wonderful?) thats why I responded in the manner I did selecting the sections I did
Warmest regards
Carbonize wrote:. o O ( Do I hack this forum to make myself Admin so I can deal with certain childishness )

Do what I do ...ignore the child
Warmest regards
Carbonize wrote:Ok thats weird because thats not what I posted. I said you should try asking me stupid questions to which the answers are simple and see how pissy I get.

I just hit the quote button and it copied what was there, then I took the 3 phrases from your quote and replied to them
I guess the real questionj is :

Are my observations correct

And we could use a spell checker too
Amazing that was all JTD could find to reply with

Warmest regards
JTD wrote:Is there really any need for the mispelling of words. bitchiong, longt, siomething

Thank you for making my case and point so elequently
Carbonize wrote:
The Critic wrote:Funny how that Carbonizer guy doesn't make folks feel like an idiot!
I think you are asking really stupid questions and are not even trying then you will see me in a pissy mood.

I wasn't going to reply tro this...but I just had too

Ok I understand the concept and the irritation factor! But look closely at what you just wrote!!!

"you think" " Stupid questions" " Not even trying"

you think =your perception of any given thought process

Stupid questions = No such thing the only stupid question is the one that goes unasked. in this reference the question may and usually perfectly valid in the eyes of the individual asking the query. Perhaps you label it stupid because you know the answer and feel they should have the same mental ability as you have. Again this is your perceived notion and that you of course you are entitled too, but doesn't make it correct

Not even trying = Again another case of "your perception, your opinion"
How can you or anyone else for that matter possibly know how hard an individual struggles in their mind to finf the solution they need or are asking for hep with? How can you ??? I certainly can't and while I'm not even close to being a savant I am certainly not brainless
Though there are some that would gladly argue the point.

Ok Ok OK Enough ! I've stated my case, made my points and anyone with a modicum of intelligence will see that my logic is sound and unshakeable! rofl

In Summary:

When someone asks for help, and you have taken on the position of wanting to help, do so with out crushing what little self esteem the individual might have left in their lives, do so with the respect you would want to be accorded to yourselves, do so with the knowledge you have gained because you desire to share that knowledge, not for personal grandizement, but because you genuinely desire to be helpful.

And if you still don't understand my tirades it's ok, Just ignore me !

Oh and one more very important thing................

Do all of the above
But do it without that idiotic HUGE RED TYPE

Thanks again Carbonizer
Warmest Regards
Carbonize wrote:You have to understand that we get a lot of pepole asking questions on here tht have been asked and answered time and time again. We get a little irritated. If you need a little one on one help you can email me or contact me via any of the messengers listed below

Rest assured I do understand, as do I also understand the "Irritation"
However .........there are those that reply with intelligence and respect, such as yourself.
Then there are those that wouldn't know respect if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. Those are the types that need to get a life, instead of bitchiong about the habits of other users and the mistakes that they perceive the other users making! They should go out and get a job.,.,.do something to justify their existence on the planet, something worthwhile.

I get paid very well to be an asshole and criticize, so I can afford what I do even though I do it very sparsely at global, they're new but they'll grow and they reward me quite well,
At anyrate thank you for your input, understanding and offer of help

Warmest regards

Is there really any need for huge red type?
JTD wrote:And if you dont understand basic computers. I suggest you subscribe to something like the http://www.techtv.com Newsletters and atleast get a basic grasp. 4 years ago I couldnt turn one on. Let alone do anything else with it. If you are to lazy to learn then maybe you should let your grandkids have the pc. And go back to your rocker on the front porch. BTW Im 45 and we didnt even have computers in school. And Im no php guru but I do ask carb questions and learn small bits from him and others. READ AND LEARN. And useing the search option is not hard. Plugin your question and 99.9% you will find your answer.

You Sir are clearly over matched! I built my first computer when we didn't even have keyboards! we input data with switches! longt before you were a glimmer in your pappys eye, as to my rocker ...don't you worry about it, try learning some intelligent communication skills so you don't come off as such a first class (read no class) schmuck. Like I told Amber if you don't like the way folks request help ignore their requests instead of being a wise ass and telling them you'll help them for $50.00. Who the hell do you think you are? Some great forum gruru? Feel free to ignore any post I enter, as you clearly do not have the intelligence to hold a respectful line of communication. You're just another member here buddy not some self appointed demi-god. It's smart assed young pups like you that make the world such a miserable place!
When you come to engage in a battle of wits, be sure to arrive with siomething other than half, dim and nit!
End transmission
Carbonize wrote:All the images can be changed by editing the relevant template file. Nearly all of the wording can be changed by editing the relevant language file found in the lang folder although some are hard coded into the templates.

The only thing in your list that would affect your ability to learn is the ADD. I know this from personal experince. Hard to learn something, let alone code something, when you get bored within five minutes, your brain is working five times faster than you can type and it sometimes feels like you have a major debate going on in your head. Age is no problem. A good friend of mine is in his late forties and is one of the best programmers I know.

BTW Critic, Your index page is not .php it is .html

Rofl See what I mean?? url should have been

I'm 62 this month lol to be forty again I would kill to be forty

Here is when the problem really comes in ...you indicate that certain folders and template files can be modified, and thats great, if I'm you and have your knowledge But I'm not and I don't ! But I do thank you for your input

In retrospect JTD you could have saved the bandwidth, not only is your reply non-substantive, it reads like a slap in the face
Warmest regard to all
amber222 wrote:Why

Why can't some people see the search link in this forum? Why is it some see it but won't use it?

Search is great if you know what to search for, and in some cases doesn't it make more sense to ask the question than spend hours reading and finding nothing that helps you? And if folks are so irritated by folks that just ask instead of performing what some feel should be a "required search" why don't they just ignore the request for help? Instead of getting all snotty and asking for fees for help! Thats the kind of attitude that makes most of us newbies stop coming to formus for help. I have a piece of software that I purchased, they have a support forum, When I have a problem I don't search for the answer because I don't know what to searh for! So I hammer support and they give me the DETAILED answer I need without a lot of snotty bs!
Just my two cents

Why do so many people wait until they have a problem before visiting the forum?

Some don't know they have problems till it's too late, and as I stated above sometimes the attitude of those supposedly helping is enough to make the visitor not even register. I'm not thin skinned, but most folks are , and when forum regulars cop an attitude newcomers shy away. I am a critic on a forum and I make my living ripping new butts, and the folks that come and view know what to expect. Here they seem to get the unexpected

Why are some people so quick to ask a question without looking through the list of topics?
Gee, it must be nice to have all that knowledge stored at your fingertips, and having the TIME to scan hundereds of enteries ina data base looking for a simple answer! Isn't that what the forums are for ??? To ask Questions???? Maybe you7 need to take a break and stop reading forums, Sounds as though you want everyone to be as proficient as you are! Werew you ever a newbie??? Or did you step from the womb with mouse in one hand ankeboard in the other and your brain, consisting of one large database?

Why am I bothering to write this when no one will pay any attention? There will still be someone at least once or twice a week asking how to reset their password or if the guestbook entries can be approved in advance.
I really don't know why you wrote this, I would think that if folks asking for "detailed Help" irriated you, your choice would be to ignore their posts! Funny how that Carbonizer guy doesn't make folks feel like an idiot!

Why doesn't the admin of this site admin. this site?
Maybe the Admin does, but consider that his/her methods may not meet your approval, that doesn't make them wrong, it just makes them unsatisfactory to you, and perhaps a select few!Why

Warmest Regards Amber and a happy stress free New Year

Dearest Mandy et;al

Being considerably older, and much less accomplished in life than you are
I submit the following:

After reading the thread I found myself chuckling, as I know all to well the feeling you surely are experienceing.

I have been fighting with php as well as cgi for over 6 months now.
Being older than dirt, the learning process has long since passed me by, due to old age, A.D.D. heart failure, hip replacements 5 bypasses and a myriad of other things I have somehow managed to survive.

But I digress, not a sympathy plea just a little back ground

I have learned the following after trying to install several very small php scripts and ending in complete failure.

PHP = Pretty hard Programing Especially if you're a newbie and have zero understanding and or as in my case suffer from Alzhiemers Lite Tee hee !

CGI = Can't Get Installed, although I must admit, out of 11 cgi scripts I have tried to install I was somehow successful with the installation of 2 but then discovered that the 3 days it took me to figure it all out were wasted, as I didn't need the scripts anyway. Did ya ever feel as though you were stuck in a loop?

Meanwhile, I installed the advanced guestbook on my server, well actually I selected it from a menu and it installed itself.

Now I have to wait for some one to come up with a wysiwyg editor that I can use to change the look, images, text, placement and all other things I'd like to be able to do to use the guest book on a particular site with out it sdaying "guestbook" and displaying the images and layout that it comes with.

Thats this newbies 2 cents worth
Happy new year to all

Warmest Regards
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