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Messages posted by: rocket rabbit
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carbonize>> thanks, I just sent you the info.
yes, and yes. Also. the email notification to posters doesnt go out iether. i have tested that myself whan I did some test posts9and I put my own email address into the entry field).
for some reason I NEVER get email notifications of posts, even though I entered it into my admin area. what do you think might be the problem? Where can I look to check?
Well whatever you decide to do, your efforts with this thing so far have been appreciated by a lot of people.
yes, you are right I got some spammers via web sarches, but I didn notice my spam go up afetr I posted in here. So i imagine that amongst all the truly helpful there are some maliscious folks lurking about.

By the way CARBONIZE Here is something I found in my logs:


So for your site CARBONIZE it would be:

I guess this is the form that is generating the spam?
anyway, since I installed your mods my spam problem has VASTLY improved, thank you.

What is an EXPLOIT? without giving out the actual method what is the principle behind what they were doing to get inside my admin panel? (before I patched it)
I have just tried all the methods for preventing spam, including the IMAGE VERIFICATION.

the message that tells a poster that they haven't put in the numbers correctly appears at the very top of the guestbook... is there a way to have it appear else where?
There was one tiny bit of the instructions I didn't understand in reguards to the addentry.php.:

>>> If you use a footer file for your site place the include code between the echo $gb_post->process; and the die();

What is the "include code"? ok thanks again for all your help guys!
hoo boy... i wish Id waited a day or two before trying to fix my hack. I would have liked to have tried this upgrade script. as it is i tried to do it myself and seem to have lost all my old posts... or rather i cant get the old DB to import.... I wrote about it here:
Ok wit help from support of my host i now have a 2.3.1 version installed. However, I have not been able to get the old DATABASE entries to import at all. My host says I should be able to run a SQL query to import them but because the tables are already there, it won't do this.

can someone tell me if there is something I'm doing wrong here? is there a simple way to plug in the data from the old sql file? or if not can I paste the old entries into the new tables by hand somehow?
thanks in advance!
I've tried to do this several times but I only get error messages:
Database Error

MySQL Error : Database Error
Error Number: 1060 Duplicate column name 'thumbnail'
JTD thanks so much for responding! when I plug in the info from the config file into the install.php form I get this error:

MySQL Error : Database Error
Error Number: 1060 Duplicate column name 'thumbnail'

when my site was hacked, my password got changed, so thought that may have been part of the problem. I installed the password change script... do you think that i should just start from scratch? If I DO start from scratch then where do I set (or get) the password info? is that in cpanel?

Well, I just did start from scratch and still got errors. I must be doing something majorly wrong but I cant tell what it is... any suggestions?
OK, i am not the smartest, but I have done a bunch of searches on here and i'm still none the wiser. which is simply because even the explanations go over my head!

I had a 2.2 guestbook which was an easy install option from the cpanel of my webhost. It was hacked several times recently, and the hack message said that i needed to upgrade to the new version!

and that led me here. I downloaded the new 2.3.1 version and uploaded that over the old one, and downloaded the NEW install.php file and uploaded that...
My problem is that when I get to install.php i dont know where to get the info to plug into the appropriate fields. I realise that must be the dumbest question for most of you guys, but because the 2.2 was automatically installed on my site I never went through that process before.. Any help would be appreciated
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