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Messages posted by: Bactrian
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I added the human verification to my guestbook and it only slowed down the spammers, still getting about 20 a day. Take a look at the Advanced Guestbook 2.4.1 with the human verification here on their own site, you will see they are also getting spammed. If they can’t stop it on their own guestbook I’m thinking it’s time for a change, now if I can just figure out how to change it over to the Lazarus guestbook.
Well I finely got around to adding the Human Verification mod to my guest book and put the address link back to where it had been getting so badly hit with spam, If I had known how easy it was to install the mod I would have done it a long time ago. The only problem is I did the mod about 3 hours ago and have already been spammed! I will give it some more time, maybe this one was entered by hand.
Here’s my guest book, I have not deleted the spam yet.
Hi all,
What’s the record for how many times a guestbook gets spammed in one day, I’m at 619.
I don’t use the link to this guestbook any more, I made up a new guestbook sometime ago and changed the name to Visitor book, also changed a few other things which stopped the spammers from finding it.
I’m going to shut down this badly spammed guestbook in a few days unless anyone here would like to look at it or test some of their anti spamming code on it.
Here’s the link to it:
Since I moved my guestbook and put up a new guestbook (spambook) in its place, I have gotten spammed 92 times in 3 days. It looks like they are all coming from the same spamming program. The URL and IP address are all different and fake, but all of the links go back to the same site.
I will try putting some of the spam blocking code on this book to see if I can do it right before I put it on my main guestbook that I had to move.

With the HTML disabled the spammers could still put links to wherever they wanted. Using the censor words like http:// stops them from doing this. The new guestbook that I set up for spammers has the HTML disabled but I did not set the censor words yet, and now their links work when they spam.

This morning I moved my guestbook and changed the links going to it, and just for the fun of it I used the old link and made a “Spammers of the week book”. Already got two spammers on it this morning, they even have to click the “Sign the Spambook” to post.

Just having some fun,
By the way, I have the HTML codes disabled.
For the censor words, I have set up the ones below just to make sure.
<a href="

FloodCheck Time Span is set to 600

It looks like I many have the number one spammed guestbook now. I changed the address last month but Google search picked it up under Adv. Guestbook 2 3 1. again and put it on page one, third & fourth ones down. Today the spam is starting to come in every 10 or 20 min. Today I changed the link name on the bottom to "Adv. G/Book 2 3 1" and will be changing the address soon.

Do think that I should replace the guestbook with a guestbook for spammers, with no links coming back to my site just so we can see who’s doing it, and maybe have some fun making the title something like “Spammers of The Week”

If anyone wants to take a look, this is the link: http://camelphotos.com/guest_bk/index.php

One of the first thing I tried was going to Guestbook Admin, Easy Admin. The hack pops up there too and there is no way of deleting it. The delete and edited buttons for it are gone.

Going into (pulic_html/guestbook/admin) I don’t see the file there I’m looking for.

I know this should be an easy one, but I just can’t find the file it's under.

If nothing else I’m having a little fun searching around and learning some new things.
My 2.2 guestbook has been hacked; I get this (This Site Hacked By BLaCk ScorPioN) along with a photo and some more text. I found out that my server had a setup for upgrading it to 2.3.1 so I did that but I still have the hack problem. I have been trying to find the right file to see if I could fix it but have had no luck.
If anyone has some ides on how to remove this hack I would really be very grateful!!!

This is the link to the guestbook;

Thanks to all for any help
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