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Messages posted by: Artimidor
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Author Message
Hello again!

Due to massive spam problems with the various Advanced Guestbook versions I finally updated my guestbook to Lazarus as people praised it so much here.


I have it 2 days in use and got 1 spam entry to the guestbook and approximately 15 spam comments attached to older entries. Carbonize, are you aware of these problems and do you think it is possible to fix Lazarus? Because though spam (at the moment) seems reduced, it isn't really the ultimate solution I can recommend. As most of the time I'm still busy with deleting comments now instead of entries.
Ah, indeed... I'm thinking too much

Anyway, works like a charm now... Many thanks for the extremely helpful advice, Carbonize!
Ok, so far so good... Database in its place, files are all uploaded. I only have a problem now with the database user:

In the config.inc.php file you need to specify the password of your user. However, it looks as if this is the encrypted version of the password you'd usually put in when installing the guestbook, so I'd need a way to convert my password to this algorithm to be able to put in the correct one. Got an idea how to do that, Carbonize?
Thanks for a first answer, Carbonize!

I have phpMyAdmin on both servers... I can export e.g. a textfile of the database containing various SQL commands. At the export options there are however some checkboxes I don't entirely understand. They read:

Complete inserts
Extended inserts
Use delayed inserts
Use ignore inserts
Use hexadecimal for binary fields (only this is ticked by default)

Should any other of these checkboxes be ticked as well when I export the tables?

At any rate I could export SQL commands that way, so this looks good. But how should I progress from there, Carbonize?

Would you suggest that I should install the Advanced Guestbook V 2.3.3. the new servers offers and create an empty database there and then try to import the tables via the SQLs and then re-configure the templates manually? Would the database structures of V 2.3.2 and V 2.3.3 be compatible?

Or would it suffice to copy the folder structure and the content from the old server to the new one once the database is in place? If the latter is possible: Would I have to set certain permissions?
Hello there!

Due to severe problems with my previous site host I was forced to move my site to a new new. Boths hosts offer practically the same package (mySQL, PHP etc.). The new host also offers the installation of Advanced Guestbook V 2.3.3.

Now the problem is that I had a guestbook on my old server, which I updated to V 2.3.2 a while ago and customized it properly to fit to the style of the site, also I added a "confirmation password" in order to prevent spammers from getting in.

Question is: Can anyone recommend on how a transfer of the old guestbook to the new server could be accomplished? The main issue of course is to get the data over to the new server and if possible the customizations as well. It doesn't matter to me that it would stay at V 2.3.2 - if that would be possible to get the guestbook to the new location. - So: Would it be necessary to install something as I assume copying the old files and just pasting them on the new server won't work, and I don't even know if you can just grab a database and put it in (and where would that database file be anyway?).

I hope someone has experience on how this could be accomplished - I'd be very grateful if you could help me with this (at least to me) very difficult task.
Ah cool, many thanx - indeed that worked, fatjacK... Somehow they good lost in the transfer to the new guestbook version, but still were displayed to the left when you signed the guestbook. Now it's all under control! Thanx for helping, appreciate it!!
No, that's the problem. You don't see a single emoticon in the whole guestbook, whether the entries are old or new.
Uhmmm... So what can I do about it?
A while ago I switched form a previous version to V 2.3.2. Now I noticed that although people can select emoticons when they sign the guestbook like or or :confused: these characters aren't converted anymore to the little pictures. - Doesn anyone have a solution for this kind of problem?

My guestbook can be found here BTW in case that helps: http://www.santharia.com/guestbook2/

Thanx in advance for any advice!
Hello there!

I have managed to set up the Advanced Poll properly on my site, take a look here. I also allow the visitor to add a comment, which happens through a popup window. That all works perfectly fine.

Now I thought I'd like to make same sort of poll archive, where I'd put past polls. I took a look at http://proxy2.de/poll/demo_3.php and wanted to integrate it accordingly, however, for some reason I cannot quite fathom why it doesn't work.

For your reference: The poll directory is


In this folder the text version of the Poll is installed.

I see I should put something along the line

$poll_path = "/www/proxy2/html/poll";

into the archive file. Well, I tried, but for some reason it doesn't want to. The file where I try to realize the archive is this one:


What should I put there if my domain is "www.santharia.com" and the folder where the polls are located is called "polls"?

Right now I only get error messages. I'd be grateful for any help you can provide! - Thanx in advance!
Perfect Aaaand fixed as well! Many thanx once again!!
Okeydokey, I see... In the meantime I've managed by the way to get 2.3.2 installed - and to my surprise the pictures are NOT lost. I can get into Admin area again, all the pictures are there, I needed to fix the design again, but aside from that the guestbook works nicely as it seems.

The spam hasn't gone away completely, but seems quite reduced with the regular 2.3.2 version. But I guess I should now check what kind of scripts I can use from this Forum to perhaps get rid of the last spammers Anyhow, thanx for your help, Carbonize, seems that most of the trouble has been averted now.

Oh, just a quick question, as perhaps you have that right in your head somewhere: The text color of the comments has reverted to black now - and as the background of the entry page is pretty much black as well, it's not really visible. I searched up and down on how to change this colour (a variable? add a font color tag somewhere?), but to no avail as of yet. Do you have an idea perhaps?

I guess what I did yesterday was to run the "2.2 to 2.3.x Database Upgrade Script" from your page. Tried to run it again (as I wasn't sure what I've run), but obviously I cannot execute that anymore now, because my login isn't accepted anymore.


Ok, to clarify things - I assume this means: Download the "full" version of "Advanced Guestbook 2.3.2" on proxy2.de and then install that according to the instructions, right? Or is there any other file I have missed? The organisation concerning upgrading is quite confusing, a link to the 2.3 version on your site would help tremendously. - So in short: Are my assumptions correct? Then I can finally do the 2.3 update.
Ok, if I do that I'll lose at any rate the pictures, right? Well, seems I have no other choice.
Did you read my actual problem, Carbonize? I cannot get into Administration anymore. And I have a 2.3 (?) version, which should have taken care of the problem, but doesn't. I cannot restore 2.2 as I have no backup. And would doing any spam modifications get me into the Admin area again? *is call confused*
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