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Messages posted by: Cassie75
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Sorry about that - feel free to delete this thread. I had forgotten I had copied and renamed the main folder to something obscure because of spammers. I was looking in the folder for my forum which is a completely different one!!!

I actually needed the reset one - once in the right place it worked fine - thank you for all your work - you are awsome
oops - i was looking in the wrong place - found it
there is no misc folder
i thought that was the version - found it in one of the files - can't remember which one now

You helped me a while ago with adding an extra required field for "order number".

I know i have also forgot my password before and had to do a reset but this time i know i had the right one. But i think that was on a newer version on my other site

I will see if i can see where i found the version number
can't get into admin using the password i know is correct.
I have done lots of searches on here and some of the links did not work. The reset php i did find did not work.
The only other suggestion was to upgrade to a newer version - can't do that at the moment - it was put on by my hoster and don't really want to go back to them at the moment for various reasons
Any other help?
Brill -

Works perfectly

Thank you so much - now just got to make sure the spammers don't return and I am a very very happy bunny
Thanks - that works now - just the problem that you pointed out earlier - "Nothing will show on the entry as I removed the ICQ option but I can easily change that."

I had assumed that the email I get to say someone had posted would have the order number - which would be fine - but it doesnt. So they put the order number in but it never actually shows anywhere

I can see it in easy admin so it is not a disaster though

Thanks for your help
That is so nice of you. I hope I haven't messed up the files so much by editing that you can't use them

Sent a few moments ago
Checked it all out now but can't get it to work.

Put up all the pages you gave without any editing and when you submit it goes to a page not found page. And I did remember to add ICQ in admin.

Tried adding the edits into my pages and got errors before that. Too many to list - may just leave it as it is for now but thanks for your help.

For the moment I have just amended the language file to say "Name & Order Number" instead of just name - it doesn't force them to put it but hopefully they will.
Unfortunatly i have modified it quite a bit - but i will have a good look at the file and see if I can re-modify it.

I would love to change over to your better one (Lazarus ) - have that already on my other site - but i know so little about databases and am not sure even how to get to it using the plesk control panel they give me, that I am too worried about losing all the posts to change.

Thanks for you help so far
I hope the robots.txt file will stop Google listing the pages so that should stop them then.

The field will just be an 8 digit number.

Lucky you - bedtime for me is usually nearer 2am - up again at 8am to go to work but then I am an insomniac workaholic
The only ones we do use are name and comment so we could use any of the others.

We stripped out all the others do help stop the spammers - we mistakenly thought that if they couldn't put a homepage, email address or even location in the post they would stop - they still continued but we left the fields out as they were not important.
I was going to amend one of them - perhaps location - so people can put their order number in - i use the guestbook so customers can let me know when they get their parcel so order number is pretty important.

BTW - just got rid of a load of spammers by using one of the tips on another thread about robots.txt and changing folder name - took me all afternoon but it seems to have worked - fingers crossed
I know this post is from a long while ago - just wondered if you had managed to write the mod - using AG 2.4.4
I use frames (yes I know everyone hates them but they work for us) so putting it in the site is not a problem - it was just an added extra that really doesnt matter. Just wondered why it had disappeared
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