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Messages posted by: blank
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hi, can this reset file be reuploaded?

For some reason all of a sudden my passwords arent working. annoying.

blah nothing is helping.

Do you have a mod for Advanced guestbook that would allow to me approval entries before they are posted?

I'll probably eventually just switch over to your guestbook.
did this edit the other day, and its working great so far. No spam has been posted.

I suggest this method to anyone who is getting spammed alot.
Carbonize wrote:if memory serves you would simply need to change the name of addentry.php and then edit config.inc.php to reflect the change.

wow didnt expect it to be that simple. i'll try it out. Thanks
Recently my guestbook is being heavily spammed.
i checked my site stats and noticed many people are just coming to the guestbook ad entry page. I did even more looking into it, and found that the keywords/search strings being used is simply:

So they search for that and it brings up a CRAP LOAD of guestbooks, and they simply just go down the list of search results spamming guestbook after guestbook.

So i was wondering how complicated it would be to change the addentry.php to something else, and randomly change it often to stop the spammers?

I don't care about the SEO of the add entry page, since that page isn't really needed to be indexed by any search engine.

Carbonize wrote:I suspect your spammers are actually manually visiting the site. To be honest the captcha in AG is very simple and, judging by the spam in this sites guestbook, was broken a long time ago by bots.

yeah i was thinking that, When looking at server logs, it seems many visitors go directly to the addentry.php page so the bots, and spammers know about it...

I was going to switch to your version of the guestbook, but i dont really wanna recreate the template i made right now but soon i will.

Wow i have both this, plus captcha enabled, and they are still getting through.

kinda annoying, but i guess its life on the web anymore

I wonder if there is a way to incorporate one of the anti spam services such as Akismet into it...
I had to go back and renable captcha, while leaving this on.

Lately bots are able to get passed this alone.
Carbonize wrote:If you look in the admin you can set a password for comments.

ohhh for some reason i thought that was for like reading private comments, okay. thank you
I installed the "human verification test", and disabled Captatcha, which seems to be working great. however i ran into a problem, now bots can reply with spam to the comments, since captcha is disabled.

I really don't need anyone to be able to to reply to comments left b y others, so is there a way to dsiable the feature all together? i can't seem to find it in the settings.

Or a way to add verification test to the comment replies?

i guess i could just edit the template and remove the link to the comment replies, if there is no other solution.

thanks much. worked great
im removing it because it doesnt seem to work, and i added the Human bot test thing (type armadillo, etc), so there is no need to have both.
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